Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matthew Knowles Wants LeToya Luckett Taken Off The BET Line-up Or No Beyonce!

Since were talking BET Awards and Beyonce, there is a petition that's going around that states that Matthew Knowles has been making threats against the award show because he wants LeToya Luckett to be taken off of the line-up. According to the reposrts he feels she is not worthy to perform on the same stage as Beyonce! Word is if BET does not take her off the line-up Beyonce will not be performing. If you want to sign the petition to have LeToya perform click here (

This is some bullsh*t if you ask me, These are two grown women still going at it over some stuff that happen when they were kids. ugh, the politics of the business ain't worth having grudges over dumb sh*t, because you lose, everytime! So yea, I signed the Mufo! Because i like both Beyonce and LeToya and I'm tired of women being made to believe that they have to be in competition with one another instead of just supporting each other.