Style Hit Of The Week: Rihanna

Its has taken me awhile to make Rihanna a style hit of the week.. Why? i don't know, because i damn near want to rob her for everything she wears. A lot of the things that Rihanna wears im sure most could not pull them off! Its just something about her swagger that makes the ugliest things look so good. She could walk out in booty shorts and a fly pair of sneakers and for me the world may stop. Just for a moment Im just saying.

Last night at the Grammy's and the pre-Grammy party, i was WOWed! Now i must say a lot of artist find that one style of dress and stick with it just in different colors. Especially when it shows off their figure really well. However, Rihanna always pushes the envelop to challenge fashion and its non-believers. I must say...I believe! What a lot of people don't understand is a lot of Rihanna's success comes from the fact that she is a fashionista. Say what you want, but the Bish can change your life with her shoes game. Alone!


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