Lesson Of The Week: Kids may be dumb but they aren't Stupid!

Teacher asked billy if there are 4 birds on a tree, and one gets shot, how many will be left on the tree?

Billy says none, because when u shoot one bird, the rest will fly away. The teacher, impressed, replies, the answer is 3 birds left, but I like the way your thinking.

Billy says, let me ask you a question miss, there are 3 women eating ice cream in different ways, one biting, one sucking and one licking, which women is married?

The teacher, nervously says the one sucking. Billy says, no the answer is the one with a wedding ring on, but I like the way your thinking.

The moral of this lesson is kids may be young and inexperienced but they know more than you think. Talk to them before it gets out of hand and their friends give them the wrong information.


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