Dear Journal, Not This Question Again!

There is this one question that we all get after seeing someone that we haven't seen in years, months, hell even days. Its probably one of the most hated questions next to WHY?, or WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT FOR?....Drum roll pleaseeee *beating on forehead* WHAT ARE YOU UP TO THESE DAYS? ((UGH)) Yes the dreaded question. The minute the person gets to the question mark, your body stands still, your brain begins searching and you attempt to make your life seem like your on the road to be the next Barack Obama. Odds are you are not! You are just a regular working person, with a regular car, eating regular food, dating a regular boyfriend/girlfriend and odd's are you're just fuking regular as they come...

What are the odds that the very person who is so excited to see you, has already tip toed through your facebook, twitter and discussed you through other friends. So why they asked? no one knows because they already know you're just as regular as they are..

Why is it so hard for us to just be honest and say "I am not doing a damn thing but being happy." What is wrong with that response? I guess, It's just to honest. But yet we A) say something to grab the person's attention B) look away to ease our shame for our faborcation to them but for being dishonest to ourselves C) never really say what we want to say which is NOT A DAMN THANG D) All of the above. Why do we torture ourselves trying to impress people who are just as FUKING regular as we are? I mean really, I'm just saying.. If the recipient of the question isn't investing in any part of your life why do we gracely run down our whole life? Hell, they pump gas like a regular person, they take dumps like a regular person, they make their life seem greater like regular people do... Just face it! They are just as FUKING REGULAR AS YOU ARE!


Brandi Graves said…
This is hilarious and sooo true LOL. thanks for the laugh lady :-)

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