New Year, New Goals....And a BABY!

YES YOU READ IT RIGHT! Its a new year & though i had so many plans wrote out to conquer no later than August...To my surprise I now have to add Baby to that list of goals to birth in August. Yesss I of all people am having a kid.. I mean who would've ever thought I'd have a baby? Not ME! (Then again it's usually the people you least expect.) *shrugs* Though I'm not OVER the rainbow about it, (Only because i always wanted to be married & in love first) I'm happy to know i can have kids.. I mean for a minute there, i was a little scared because I've never been pregnant before this time. It's a blessing & i know God has a plan. What can i say? I'm going to be a mommy to some uninformed child who hasn't yet experienced my MAN UP, get up & go, dust yourself off & keep going personality. (My family's hoping for a girl, to soften me up a bit as they call it.) Now this child could very well slow me down, (i stay sleepy) & he/she has already added some damper to my planned DIRTY 30 birthday plans in New Orleans this year. However, this may just be exciting. I mean really exciting! The only thing that is not exciting & keeps ringing through my mind is that I'm going to be a babymomma...UGHHHH (not knocking anyone) I just hate the stigma associated with that title but honestly i thank God because i have a tremendous amount of help & love. Though it's going to be hard, i LOVE a challenge, i LOVE anything that's going to force me to step outside of myself & see life from someone else's eyes. I'd like a boy (he would be fitting for my get up & go) but i just want a healthy baby... So while i press on to conquering my dreams this year, i will also be pressing on to produce something that only God could have done. I'm going to be alright, i don't have any crazy morning sickness besides the prenatal pills I'm supposed to take daily that i take every other day because they make me feel horrible! I even thought I'd be off the market to men, but to my surprise a lot of men love pregnant women & i love men! LOL But anyway i just hope this baby is ready for the greatest ride of their life...


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