5 Things Men do that Women Can't Stand

We all know there are things women do that men can't stand and there are some things that women can not stand that men do. I won't name them all because the list could go on and on.. How i will name 5 that men do, just for kicks!
  • When you constantly talk about your Ex -Listen its nice that you still "Respect" (Cause that's what you'll call it.) her. However, we women could careless about the last chick you were with. The only time we'll want to hear anything about her is if there are things that took place that could affect your new relationship. Otherwise shut the hell up about her or go back to her! Honestly from my experience, if he still talks about her it's because he is still in love with her ladies. Just a thought!
  • Flirting with everybody- Some would say being flirtatious isn't a bad thing. To some extent it is not, yet flirting misleads people into thinking your single, into thinking you want them, etc. Which means flirting can lead to a whole other problem. Today I'm talking about the kind of flirting you like to do in front of your woman; with the waitress, the girl at the counter or in even the girl walking bye. It's tacky fellas, Its not cute and nine of of ten times your girlfriend will be shouting WTF! Really guys, what you fail to understand is that there is a way to flirt without being so thirsty. We don't like a thirsty man!
  • He Treats you like crap but can't even handle business in the bedroom- Now, this i can not stand. I mean if I'm going to be stupid stuck on a man, he better be offering up some goods. I mean really, don't treat me like or act like you're stomping with the big dogs if your still chewing puppy chow. First and foremost good sex doesn't mean you can treat me any kind of way but because i am a woman and we have a tendacy to tolerate things because we see potential, we fall for it. Understand you're not going to treat me any kind of way especially when you're lacking sexually, etc. I wont harp on this topic, all i will say is Fellas "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing."
  • Talking to much- Some couples are very open with their sex life and everything else that goes on in their relationship. But in many cases most women are not! It's the worst thing when your man get in front of friends, your family or hell even random people and start blabbing all about things that happen between you two. Some of which should stay between you two because it's sometimes embarrassing. Whether you know it or not, we do not like to be embarrassed. Men talking to much at the wrong time and not enough at the right time is a turn off. Learn how to not share our business like you do not share what you do with your boys.
  • Your word is your Bond- One thing a woman can not stand is a man who told her "Babe, I'm watching the game...I'll change your flat tire at halftime." Halftime rolls around, bedtime rolls around and its freaking morning and my car is still on flat! Your word is your bond, it is all you have. Don't tell me you're going to handle something that i would've handle myself already and been done with. Yet I'm still waiting for you to do it!


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