Sweet Oil: The Ear Ache Remedy

I was recently telling some friends of mine that i woke up one morning and my sinuses has drained to my ears and i was in a lot of pain. I literally had the WORST ear ache ever!! Because I'm pregnant I'm against the used of any medicines. Well, honestly I'm against medicines even when not pregnant. I just believe your body can naturally fight off anything its against with no help. Unless your just dying, I believe in the natural way of taking care of yourself. However, my ear ache was so bad i went to the doctor to see what they would prescribe. Before i did i called my mom and she told me to get this lil brown bottle that I've never heard of called Sweet Oil. She's my mom and she's right sometimes but I wanted a second opinion so i went on to the doctor. The lady at the front desk said there was no need to waste money seeing the doctor and she too prescribed this Sweet Oil. Who would've guessed, this lil brown bottle could work wonders.Though its not recommended for cooking because it has not been purified. People do use it because it apparently soaks up fat. But yea, I bought it out from Wal Mart in the Pharmacy area but its sold in practically every pharmacy and drug store there is. Its about four dollars a bottle, but its worth having in your medicine cabinet. Trust me it works a miracle on an ear ache. All you have to do is pour a lil into the cap and pour it into your ear about 3 or 4 times a day. My ear ache actually was gone the next day!! Its considered a "Southern Remedy" and trust me it works.


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