Finding my balance, Accepting God's timing and enjoying every moment

Ahh I know it has been a while. I wish I could give you guys an in-depth description of the tales of the zombie life. But it's just too too much. Yep you just read that line correct, to much. I am in a place in my life where I am trying to accept God’s timing. I am trying to make sure that I am stable, career set and inspiring to my young daughter. She is one soon to be two but once she is really able to understand her surroundings I want to be where I need to be for her growth. So what does that mean? Minimal sleep, a lot of wine and irritation but I am not complaining. I get upset about my load but I am highly grateful. especially that God allowed me to get back in school. Noticed I said God allowed because when I tell you my loans were all in default due to late payments, no payment or not enough payment and somehow in one day I made two phone calls and I was enrolled in graduate school, loans now in good standings and with just six courses left I am thinking of going ahead to get my PHd.  (Aint God good) Yep, the very one who hated school. Lol, I will say this University of Phoenix online changed me and how I looked at online degrees. BABYYYY its work! It also made me realize that I am a visual learner. When I tell you my grades are much better than undergrad and I am more focused. Now I will be in crazy student loan debt but lets not lie most Americans are in debt and honestly, it’s a debt I can live with and It’s something that no one can take away. Yep, I know you guys have heard old people say that education, businesses and land is something every American, especially African America must obtain because it’s something no one can take from you. (Unless you give it away)Anyway, I am working towards something I want to obtain and I know in due time. A lot of people are expecting me to want to spend my life writing. And we all sure know i love writing but I also want something more stable financially for my child. I also want her to see, touch and understand that you can have it all! I want her to see, touch and understand how to balance the things you value and not have to minimize your potential. I want her to see, touch and understand the value in taking care of yourself and those around you who truly love you. I just want her to see her dreams unfold, touch them every day and understand who she is before the world tries to tell her who she is. Life is good, I hope her is too, despite any challenge, road block or nah sayer. As a mother I walk in very precious soil and I'm growing to understand better that what God has for me, it is for me in due time.

So I posted all this to say to you and whomever please don't get discouraged and don't give up. I'm learning in life you can mess up but you can't make a mistake that you can't fix. You have to humble yourself, and pray pray pray. Things always work out as they should.


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