A Turn Around

I know it has been a awhile and I have truly missed blogging. Yet, I have been all over the place and sometimes those places are low. Not depression low but energy low. Being a single mother, school, working and still trying to chase a dream is draining. But at the same time for me it's important and worthwhile, so I keep fighting to have it all. Regardless, of the number of days without sleep, food or inspiration it's important because I truly believe that I cant teach my child how to follow her dreams and achieve them if I myself gave up. Worthwhile because those little accomplishments really feel good to my soul. Sometimes my accomplishments make me nervous because I know their getting bigger each time. Yet still I'm learning that it is also imperative that I feed my dream everyday because it's extremely hunger. And when it's hunger I know that I am not feeding it as i should because I feel low. Everyday I read and research a lot about all sorts of things and eventually it will all pay off and to be honest, I'm really in no rush. What God has for me, is for me! I'm not expecting a financial blessing, though I would love one. But I'm hoping for a turn around. A turn around that allows me to be paid daily to feed my dreams, a turn around that will force me to stand in the gaps for those you can not themselves feed their dreams, a turn around that will force me to keep becoming a better human being. One that opens my mind to all possibilities of God and teaches me how to become more tolerant and patient with things and people of this world. A dream that forces my heart to be compassionate and my attitude to be humble. A dream that  my children, family and friends are able to touch therefore opens their minds to believe that achieving anything is possible. I don't ask for much because I am truly rich in love, life, and happiness. Things could always be better. However, I don't complain because they have been worse. Somebody didn't wake up this morning to continue living for their dream. So keep fighting, sometimes you will have to compromise but remember anything you feed with eventually come to life when God feels that you are ready. Not when you want it! So Dream...

Be blessed.


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