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I have done and seen a lot of things in my life but nothing will ever top being a mom. It is the coolest journey I think anyone could be blessed to ever experience. You get to see a human grow in so many ways that sometimes you become speechless.  Having a child is like getting a second chance at life. They inspire you to keep at your dreams and they give you something to live for past yourself. I dont know a parent who is not proud of their children. Sometimes I just stare at Autumn as she talks, plays and sleeps in amazement. What a joy and a pleasure that I never knew I needed until she arrived. God, has a way of giving you exactly what you need when you didn't even know you needed it. I am grateful. Especially when I get around other moms and sometimes dad's and we sit and talk about our kids, the things we desire for them and the ways we plan to give them the life they deserve. It is always great for us to keep each other spirits raised and keep each of us eager to learn from our children. This post is short and sweet but I just want parents to keep pushing. There will be days that tire you out. But as soon as you see your child's face, its like magic. Words can not explain the unspeakable joy that covers you and tells you to keep pressing on.


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