Cooking with Autumn!

While my mom was teaching myself and my sister to cook as kids I was busy writing poems and reading Eric Jerome Dickey. I didn't have the time. It wasn't until I started dating that I did more cooking only to satisfy my boyfriends really. And usually the meal was always something quick and simple.

Now that I am a single mom and my 3 year old has a big love for cooking and painting. I try to find every outlet I can to encourage her love in every way. Even if it means I have to start cooking with her. If you know me, you know I am not a big cooker. But I do love to eat. My dream and hope is to meet a man who loves to cook for me and every now and then  i will cook and we will cook as a family we together. LOL, a girl can dream, right? I mean honestly, I love seeing how great families bond in the kitchen. I see it in my own family.

Either way, today I decided to pull out my recipe book. (Yes, I keep recipes ) I wanted to cook with my daughter. That's my only reason for embarking on using my recipes. I believe it is my duty to create an environment of encourage and confidence so that she can open the shadows of life and live in her purpose. And for Autumn, I will do anything.

Today's meal is ranch flavored oven baked Brussels sprouts, baked chicken breast w/Italian dressing, minced garlic onions, and peppers and spaghetti replaced by Fettuccini pasta primavera.  All with my own twist of course. And honestly I think we did a wonderful job together.

Well, it is good and she is happy because she keeps raving about how wonderful dinner is.

Yes, we ate at her Sofia First table for two and we are watching HOME yet again.


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