Just taking a Little Break!

When i say embarking on a writing journey has been the most challenging thing ever. Well the writing part is not the hard part. Its the editing,.. What should go here, what should be taken out and so on. I mean it. I literally have one more book completed and need to only be edited and another i am a few chapters in. I love this. I cant sleep at night because the characters take over my sleep. To many people wouldn't understand what it is like being a self-published Author.  There is no financial backing unless you save, save and save. Everyone you know has an opinion on how you should promote or market your books but honestly how many of them with an opinion of what you should do have actually purchased your book? Right, so their opinion is a whattt non--m**** factor...

People are constantly telling me,  you need to do this and that and this and a.... (Nuthing but a G thang lol.. I love Snoop) I listen i swear i do. But i am in no rush for the world to take notice of  what i do. I don't think i am mentality prepared. I dont care to be famous. if peopel could purchase my books and not have a clue what i look like and i can still enjoy my simple life. i would much rather prefer that. However, everything is on God timing to be honest..

Most of my sales have come from word of mouth and no that is not always the best marketing tool and no i am far from lazing. I work full time hours, i am an adult literacy teacher twice a week, i have a very active 3 year old and so much more. I have spent the first six days of my vacation writing papers and doing resumes for friends. I needed to focus on my own ish. And when i go in, i go hard...I have literally sat here all day from 7am to now what is 12:51am (with a two hour break) and all I have left to add is one more chapter and make corrections to three more. I have four more days of vacation and i plan to be sitting at this desk getting this all done before I go to church in the morning at 11am. Yep, i spent my whole Saturday working on what keeps my in a sane place. But One because my child is gone on the weekends and its the only time i can focus without any interruptions but also because i love telling stories to women.

...but let me finish up!

So God's will Autumn 2016 I will be releasing my next book!


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