No more calls after 10pm!!

Monday, my cell phone completely stopped working. I was on a tour of the Dell software office building here in Nashville with the girls I work with and my phone decided it was time to shut DOWN!! Inticially, I was upset and worried about the guy I was dating, friends and family. I was concerned about everybody but me!!! However, after the first day things started happening. Literally, prayers started being answered and after the third day it was like a light shined over my days that was so powerful I couldn't even explain... (The details could take days.) But I didn't lose any sleep. I actually gained sleep!

You see a lot of people call me really late, I'm a counselor without the pay. I've always been cool with that but honestly, how do you claim that I am so important in your life but I don't hear from you until night? When you're tired barely talking and so on.. (righhhhtttt) Andddd then there are those people who swear they had so much going on in their day (side-eye) that it is the only time they have to call me... For so long I've allowed it, but after this week I've had. I won't! This week having no attachment to a phone has really allowed me to get somethings done and to pay attention to people; Family and friends. You see, I think it is time I finally stuck to some things I considered small. Instead of being loyal to people ... I need to be loyal and dedicated to me and Autumn... I've allowed people to call me whenever, I've been so understanding of people and their time that i've put myself in the back burner and never forced people to respect my time.  I've been so understanding of people that I've over looked when I was lacking so they could feel good about themselves. Ha! No more!

So no more calls after 10pm! I may be up but I'm using that time to meditate and have some me time. Its so important! If I don't get the time I need to myself, to do the things that make me happy, i am all over the place mentally and miserable. I'm not about to be miserable. Though I love many people in my life, I just have to love myself even more than I already do! #shrugs


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