Travel: I want to see the Seven Wonders of the World (Old and New)

I love traveling. Something about being able to see all of the things that God has created or that he has allowed man to create gives me this freedom that is unexplained. For many years before I became a mom I traveled by myself every birthday. Since having my daughter she has been to many places. I have wanted to make sure that I show her the world outside of the block she resides on. I told myself once I am completely done with graduate school. (Which will be December of this year) I want to travel across seas. I want to see the old and new wonders of the world. I want to spend the whole month of July in the summer backpacking or going somewhere, where I can learn more about other ways of life. With the state of this presidency I am a little nervous but nervousness has not ever stopped me before. Here are a few places I desperately have to see!

1. Great Pyramid of Giza
2. Colossus of Rhodes
3. Taj Mahal 
4. Valley of the Kings
5. Antelope Cannon

Other Places on my list... Its longer than this! 
Victoria Falls on the Zambia
 Christ the Redeemer 
Great Wall of China
 The Colosseum
 Eiffel Tower
 Kiyomizu-dera Acropolis of Athens
 Salar De Uyuni 
The Grand Canyon (been to Arizona several time and still haven't went) 
South Africa (My grandfather is from Johannesburg. I would really love to visit Africa)


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