Intentional: Faith, Family & Freedom at 35!

This year I turned 35. Well, actually today I turned 35. I must say, so far the day has been very relaxing. I don't do much for my birthday anyway. However, I decided to pay it forward to some of the women in my life who have inspired me to be my best self. I decided to create a workbook. Initially, I started working on it and then I said to myself, "How are you going to write self-care workbook? You are not in a place to do so." But after careful review I realized that sometimes God doesn't call the qualified and that I was also very well qualified to speak about what I did. It's published and it's available for any one to purchase viz amazon and any other online retailers. 

As I sit here and think about my life leading up to today I am so grateful. I especially since i have women in my life who have been everything to me that words can not describe. I feel so free, so alive and It's because of the love people show me even when they don't even know that I need it the most. 

Before I get emotional, this workbook is is about finding your happiness and freedom in spite of the circumstances.  If you are interested in purchasing it, it is available via online retailers, Amazon and so on. 

Be blessed~


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