Tito Jackson's Daughter Wants To Be Acknowledged

A New York woman is suing Tito Jackson to force him to acknowledge her publicly as his daughter. Tanay Rodney Jackson, 25 — pictured above with Jackson, filed a petition in Brooklyn’s Family Court last Summer to declare Jackson her father.Tanay claims Jackson, 55, would visit her regularly while she was in her teens. “He told me he was my father when I was 17,” she told the NY Post. “(He would) pop over now and then. He didn’t want it public. He was ashamed.” Tito also has three grown sons, Toriano, Taryll and Tito Joseph, who formed the 90s singing group 3T. Their mother, Jackson’s ex wife Delores Martes, drowned mysteriously in the family swimming pool in 1994


me said…
They should probably get a DNA test because she looks nothing like the rest of the jackson children!
rcj4 said…
Man, Oh I mean that's what she almost looks like! I want to see her mother. Damn Tito
Anonymous said…
I'm a Tito-freak I heard the rumor and put it under my pillow. that is bullshit. She doesn't even look like a Jackson. Look a her chin. blah blah blah If Tito is her father I will be hurt. D-N-A today! I not the one the judge but she is not a Jackson. Jackson's have more class. If this a joke she needs to go find her REAL dad and Leave Tito alone before I sue for annoying my Poppa T. lol ugh I can't imagine what the results are for situation.

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