Sunday, March 05, 2017

The What's Underneath Project

I love these videos!  A mother-daughter team is leading a movement that empowers people to accept and express their true selves! This is everything Check out this Dope poem by Lead singer of Tank And The Bangas What You Tell Yourself When You Think No-one's Watching: A Poem by Tarriana 'Tank' Ball

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jeanette Epps, First black crew member to join international space station

Astronaut, Jeanette Epps, has been selected by NASA to join the crew of the International Space Station in 2018. This will make Epps the first Black crew member to represent the U.S. on the station.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sarah Rector "Richest Colored Girl in the world"

Sarah Rector, best known for being the "Richest Colored Girl in the world" or the "Millionaire girl a member of the race" Long story short as a result of an agreement between the United States and the Creek Indians, Creeks, and their former slaves, were allotted a plot of land. Rector’s father leased her allotment to the Devonian Oil Company of Pittsburgh. Wildcat oil driller B.B. Jones produced a “gusher” that brought in 2500 barrels a day.  Rector started to receive $300.00 per day. Multiple new wells were also productive, and Rector’s allotment subsequently became part of the famed Cushing-Drumright Field in Oklahoma. Allowing her to make over 11,000.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Architect Who Designed Duke University Years Before He Could Have Attended It

1902 Julian F. Abele Graduated From The University Of Pennsylvania With A Degree In Architecture He Designed Duke University, He Was The First Black Graduate Of The University Of Pennsylvania! (more)

What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating?

As I scrolled through facebook in the midst of taking a break from homework, I came across this video. This touched me because the older I get the more I find it necessary for healthy closure to certain types of relationships. Especially, ones that could affect future ones. Having two exes sit face to face for an honest conversation about the events that took place in their relationship, the why it all happened and being allowed the ability to I apologize is just... WOW! awesomeness...This video and several others were created by The Scene