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Reset, Balance & Meditate

This past season for many of us has come with a lot of struggles, disappointments, tears and healing. Yet, despite it all, we're still standing. For many people I know personally many of us are trying to find every way we can to figure out how to get ourselves back balanced. I've seem to have so far gotten myself back on track. I thought I would share a few things that have been working for me. 
This is mandatory! I've always believed in prayer. I also know a lot of people who do not believe in prayer. That's cool for them. However, prayer has never failed me and it also helps me to reset my prospective. Its one of the few times I'm able to be completely be vulnerable and stripped. Praying allows me to be a part of the manifestation of my truest desires. I'm realizing how seriously the tongue is. I'm taming my honesty, to a degree. With prayer, wisdom and understanding I'm mastering my highest self by doing so. I use prayer to talk to God about m…

Forever Love

I'm in my late thirties, which means I get asked repeatedly about my love life. Honestly, I really don't have one. Honestly, I'm also not pressed about it and lastly, it'll happen when it's supposed it. However, the older I get the more my future relationship goals change. Because I am constantly changing. I'm still not sure what type of "marriage," my soul desires for the future me. I do know that I desire a lifelong partnership at some point. I also know I have no interest in a wedding and divorce is not an option. (unless you're just reckless or abusive) And to be truly honest, I'm kind of not in a rush to figure it out. I don't operate on other peoples time line. Furthermore, I'm not looking for a husband.  One, because I stand firm in the scripture, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord ~Proverbs 18:22. And two, because I haven't met anyone who is emotionally free enough to drop his ego, pride…

Inspiring words from Oprah Winfrey

These videos are old. But they are on target and on time for my current space. 

Writing Series Part 4: Marketing

This is the last part of the 4 week series. This is also the part that I don't have much information on so I'm going have Forbes help a sista out. I personally, promote my book here and there on social media. Most of my sales have come from having physical copies. I haven't set up many booths and but I am in a transition to find every way possible to make this a full time thing. With that being said, the following information comes from Hopefully it helps!

Ways to market
Know your community. You who your demographic is. When you know who you want to write to in order to really know what and where to sale your book. Figure out how you can connect to them? Maybe attend events where they would be and set up a booth. The idea is to meet your community where it lives, and readsTalk it up and promote. Once you figure out who you are marketing your book to. You can figure out how you’re going to connect to your community, then start getting the word out.Create a sense o…

Beyonce Purchases Church in New Orleans

According to TMZ, Beyonce paid 850,000 to purchase an 100 year old stone structured, 7,500 sq. ft church in New Orleans. What she plans to do with the church no one's knows but it is said to have been built in the early 1900s. Apparently it has been out of commission as a place of worship due to church members passing away.

Side note: There was a "Beyonce Mass" service in San Francisco a few weeks ago. 900 people showed up to have worship service that was based around Beyonce's music.

Writing Series Part 3: Publishing

Hi everyone, I am back with the third part of this writing series. I hope that the information that I have share with you guys thus far has been helpful. Of course if you have any questions you are always more than welcome to ask me. Either way, this weeks series is about publishing. If you have made it to this point I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! It is not easy to get to this point and of course it isn't about to get any easier. I hate to give it to you but figuring out publishing can be a lot. Luckily, I am here to help you. Here are some things I took into consideration when I made my decision to self-publish. Hopefully, they help you too.

Types of publishing
Trade Publishing. These are books for the general reading market, and wider public consumption and, as such, trade books constitute more than half of the English language book market. Boutique publishers. These are small publishing houses that choose to specialize in a very narrow subject area.Independent and Regional. Includes a ra…

What is happening: Randomness, Dreams & Synchronicity

Since moving, I pay attention to everything. Colors, nature, numbers, EVERYTHING! I have this major connection to numbers. I see repeats of numbers very often. Usually I see the number 409/904 in some sort of order. Which by the way is my birthday and the time I was born. I also see repeat numbers like; 1111, 1234, 504 and 304 which is my current apartment number and my apartment number when I lived in Atlanta. I am not sure what messages they are sending but I'm trying to pay attention. I've grown to have this mutual attraction for nature all of a sudden and to cardinals and rabbits. They literally come out of no where and a few times they have been close enough for me to touch them. But I don't! I know God is trying to reach me so I write, pray or read scripture. I believe the numbers seem to be guiding me. I'm crossing paths with people who are shedding light into some of my circumstances. 

They don't know it. I shared all of that to say this. God finds ways to s…