AutumnJones Wants You To MEET: Joe Stu

Hello and how are you feeling today?
I’m great and it’s good to be alive!!!

Explain to people who may not know who Joe Stu is, Who You are?
Joe Stu is a blue-collar artist. I represent the working class nine to fivers who are striving for something better.

You’re originally from New York, You moved down to Atlanta, GA to attend college. Was music also in the plans then?
In a sense. It wasn’t the typical rapper going down to Atlanta to blow up. I really went to get an education. I didn’t get truly serious until I was already in school. I started to meet other people who were like minded, from all over the country, I also started seeing cats who were really doing it up and making moves in the industry, that’s when it clicked that I could make it happen. Before then as Biggie stated “It was all a dream!”

How long have you been rapping and how did you come up with the name Joe Stu?
I’ve been writing since I was around 12. Joe Stu is just my government name shortened. Joseph Stewart. I used to have all these colorful names in the beginning, but you always run the risk of someone else having the same name so I just stuck with the one I was given. Plus it’s a dedication of sorts to my parents who are no longer here.
What inspires you musically?
There are a whole host of things that inspire me. Hearing good music is always inspirational, or sometimes it can be a good film. More than likely life and the situations that come along with it push me to write. I’ve made a TON of mistakes in life, so I figure I can make good use of them by making songs about them.

My favorite songs that I’ve heard are "Addiction" & "Natural Mystic"? What are your favorites and Why?
I got a few favorites on this new mix tape. “Addiction” is one of them because it’s a true struggle. Plus it came to me pretty easy, there was nothing forced about that song. Hopefully by the time this interview is out I’ll have that under controlJ. Another favorite was “Crack”. I approached that song like it was a report. I put a lot of facts and research into that one.

As an up and coming rapper, how do you look at the music industry right now seeing and hearing a lot of things that's taking place?
I love the fact that music is so readily available. It’s better for the fans, and even though there’s a lot of music out there it’s pressure on the artist to stand out that much more. If you’re an independent artist, the lane is wide open you just have to grind hard as hell to make your mark. I’m all for that grind especially since the benefits you reap are good. With a major label route, there’s so much at stake that you have to have a formula that equals large sales. The label has to make sure that there’s a hit. As far as the quality, that’s always questionable. It seems like the masses want dumbed down music, but I whole-heartedly believe that there’s an audience for progressive mature hip-hop.
I know you released a mix tape with DJ Ill Will, But when will the album be released?
I have a plan that I’m executing with my team. The focus of that plan is to build enough buzz so that people actually want the album. So many times artist drop an album and no one either knows or cared about it. On the other hand I don’t want to wait too long. It’s all about when the timing is right.
Listening to your music lyrically I can hear that you’re a New Yorker because you guys are know for lyrics. But what are some things that were added to you music being in Atlanta "Have fun type scene in music”?
Being in Atlanta taught me to be a songwriter. There’s always a part of me that wants to go for 1000 bars, but I had to admit to myself that your not reaching people as much through that. There’s an art to songwriting that I had to submit to, and I still am. There’s more to a song than just the verse. Now a days being from NY is more of a disadvantage. There’s the automatic assumption that your arrogant, or you talk a certain way, etc. I believe we kind of brought that on ourselves by being real exclusive and ignoring other scenes. Don’t get me wrong I love my city. A lot of times I get “you don’t seem like you’re from NY”, but I take that as “oh your not real arrogant.”

Your also a tattoo artist, How do you tie that into your music?
Right now it’s how I pay for studio time. Though being a visual artist in general has helped me be more vivid with my words. My description of stuff becomes more visual. Plus you can check out my work on the cover art for the mix tape.

What can fans old and new expect to see from Joe Stu in this coming year?
More product!! I’m aiming to be one of the most consistent artist to come around. So look for more mix tapes, songs and product from Joe Stu

What is something that you want people to know about you that they may not know?
I’m a human being. A lot of artist these days try to sell a real hyped up image. I’m one of the few whom people can relate to and still give them something to escape to.

Do you have any up coming show, where people can check you out at?
I gotta show with Mojo Swagger April 3rd at the Bench.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Shouts out to MoBetta, Najja, Mudnoc, Jay Force, D.R.U.G.S., W.E.T. Productions and everybody that helped put this mix tape together.

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