AutumnJones Wants You To MEET: Simp

Hello and how are you feeling today?
I'm GREAT. Everyday puts me closer to where I want to be.
Explain to people who may not know who Simp, Who You are?
SIMP is your brother, your father, your cousin and any other male influence you may have. SIMP is the the black male that is unrepresented or misrepresented in the media. He is the reality that the Hip Hop world is missing and in need of.
How long have you been rapping and How did you come up with the name Simp?
I have been rapping since 6th grade, so I believe that's about 12 years. Naturally it took me a long time to settle on a name; I was Big D, Don Chamillion, D-Butta (LMAO), but SIMP is the one that stuck. Now that I think about it those names were hilarious!!! Well it originally came from the word simple, because that’s what everybody said about me growing up, they said I was just “so simple.” But, then I learned that it was slang for the opposite of a Pimp or playa. So, when I thought about it I wanted to change it at first…Lol, but then I started to think why society has glorified being a pimp and a playa so much. I started to look at the male figures in my life and to me the pimp and playa role had never been a standard. I was raised to honor and respect women, so I thought it was kind of funny that if you weren’t a Pimp you were looked at like a sissy or a sucka. Instead of running from the term and trying to combat it I decided to embrace it. Society has a funny way of discrediting the “stand-up” individual as soft or weak, so I hope to take that negative connotation and make it positive. That is what a lot of my music is about.
Your originally from Maryland area, you just recently signed to an Atlanta record label. So are you in Atlanta now?
Or are you still In D.C./Maryland area? I am in "ATL." I moved here after graduating college and getting a job here. It was just by hapenstance that I met the owner of my label, BJ Alden, through work. We got togethor on this mixtape project he was doing with a local DJ, DJ Dainja, and everything else has been history. Now, not only am I signed to the label, but I'm part owner and it's a remarkabke feeling to be around people who have that much faith in your ability.
What inspires you musically?
LIFE is my biggest inspiration! The emotions and feelings that we have on a daily basis make the best music. Reality is what makes music so influential and important. On every project I try to make songs that will be a part of the soundtrack to my, and hopefully your, LIFE.
As an up and coming artist, how do you look at the music industry right now seeing and hearing a lot of things that's taking place?
Well like I said earlier, music is about life, but today's music is missing that aspect. For example, in the song "Live your life," by T.I. he says "Stop lokin at what you ain't got and start being thankful for what you do..." To me this is an accurate description of the music industry. It's all about the things that we don't have (i.e.Million dollar homes, bentleys, jewels etc.). Instead of selling truth and honesty they are selling a fantasy. It's like the music industry has turned itself into a strip club! It's not just the music industry though; it's the entertainment world as a whole. This is why we have been seeing this huge push for "Reality TV," people are craving reality and music is not supplying it anymore.
Are you working on an album and if so when will the album be released?
I released my 1st album in September 08' and I'm still pushing that one. But, I am always working on the next album. I just gotta make sure the timing is right and that people are ready for it.
What drives you?
Your music is very motivating, how do you sustain in the midst of all this commotion? Ironically you kind of answered it in your! Music motivates me. It's how I keep myself going. Music is the main ingredient, but there are other elements as well. Like...peoples gratitude and appreciation for my work and... faith. I have a strong faith in what I am doing and the impact it's going to make on the world. A lot of people don't see it now, but they will.
Every time i turn around your posting something on YouTube? Are you learning to embrace this generation? Because people are making things happen on YouTube.
I'm def learning! I've always believed that change is the only thing that is consistent in life and you can't run from change. So, I'm trying my best to keep up with the times. It makes me feel old as HELL sometimew though and I'm not even! But, you look at dudes like "Soulja Boy," whose 1st Hip Hop influence was 50 Cent and it's like damn. I mean dude got so big so fast just off of the internet and his biggest influence is a album that dropped when I graduated High School!!! It's CRAZY!!! Things change though and I refuse to be one of those Old dudes talking about how things use to feel me?
What can fans old and new expect to see from Simp in this coming year?
A change! My music only gets better as time goes on. So, the only thing they can expect is that the next album won't sound like the last, there may be similarities, but my music is constantly evolving.
What is something that you want people to know about you that they may not know? Nothing...If I wanted you to know i would tell j/k. I would say that I am the Next Big Sound. Not to be arrogant, cocky or conceited, but its just the Truth. "it's That SIMPle!"
Do you have any up coming show, where people can check you out at?
Well on April 18th I am scheduled to perform on a local cable show in ATL called Hood Hard TV. So, deffinetley look for me there and SIMPtv is always broadcasting the latest event that I'll be at so stay tuned.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
I want people to start supporting the type of music that they want to hear. If you are tired of the way music sounds support the artist whose sound you like and don't shut out the musical movement as a whole. Search for good music cause it is out here! That's it.


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