Beyonce and Kelly Are No longer Friends?

So i decided to check out this blog DC RUMORS so many people have been talking about, and i did! i kind of like it honestly, as much as i Love B, Kelly, Michelle and Solange (Hay we all like a little juice here and there) Well according to an email that one of the bloggers received from someone who works for MWE (Music World Entertainment) For you slow people. Beyonce has been order by Matthew to stay away from Kelly! Wow, if this is true, I'm a little hurt and i aint involved... But you know "what is done in the dark always comes to light!"

"Hi Soulgirl

Love your blog and wanted to update you on a few things. I work in disjointed from the Kelly Rowland's camp and am currently helping to negotiate a deal with Kelly and her new manager. Details will be revealed in the coming months.

However, I wanted to write an open and honest email about Beyonce and how she alienates people depending on her father's wishes. Alot of your readers and people in general think that Beyonce has taken hold of her career but this is a complete trash.

I was working at Music World Entertainment when Kelly Rowland decided to leave (I left MWE to work for Kelly). A majority of MWE staff have worked there for years and gossiped that Matthew's mind state was similar to the time LeToya and LaTavia left the group. Kelly came to Matthew and spoke to him about his lack of PR over her album "Ms Kelly". Matthew took this as an insult and told Kelly the best thing would be to leave. Alot of people think Matthew was calling her bluff with this ultimatum but Kelly responded that she would be leaving and fired him as her manager.

Matthew has been absolutely livid over this and has advised Beyonce not to let Kelly pull on her coat tails anymore. Matthew feels Michelle and Kelly should be lucky they have a career at all and often tie themselves in with Beyonce to gain more sales. This was fine when Kelly was apart of MWE but now she isn't they don't want them near each other.

Beyonce has taken her father's advice. You will not see Beyonce and Kelly together unless they reform as Destiny's Child or for birthdays. Beyonce and Kelly are no longer friends. Any future photos will be staged to keep the DC brand alive.

Kelly is extremely upset about this as Beyonce does not answer any of her calls and when she does the conversation is short and strained. She cannot understand how Beyonce can be so cold after all the years they have worked together.

I love Kelly and am angry this has happened to her. You and your readers will see over the coming weeks just how much Kelly can shine. Please support her."


AnoMous!!! said…
I used to intern for them, Matthew is soo controlling! He and beyonce would argue all the time! So i believe it!

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