Beyonce Suing Bootleggers

According to TMZ, Beyonce filed a federal lawsuit in New York, claiming a group of people have been selling knock-off CDs and other items at her shows around the world. So B called up her legal team but they haven’t been able to track down exactly who's in charge of the selling of the items. However they are anticipating it happening at her upcoming shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC on June 21st & 22nd. Until then, Beyonce and team are hoping the judge will make a ruling in their favor that the bootlegs are doing illegal sales before the show. I've also heard several reports that this is all due to the fact that the tickets are not selling as B and team expected. So they are trying to make money any and every way they can! I mean, feel you B but Dang, we in a recession! Nizzas trying to eat...

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