Charlamagne to Cassie: “You Need to Speak Up In This ‘Rihanna-Beyonce’ World!”

Charlamange's "The God’s" morning show interviewed Cassie recently and he went in for the kill. According to BOSSIP, Bad Boy doesn’t want this audio to leak, at least not to anyone who didn't hear it for themselves. Only because they feel it may be “damaging to her image.” What i find extremely funny is that it was bad enough that Charlamange went in on her but then a caller calls in who says she's never heard of Cassie! What else i don't understand was how Cassie sat there and allowed herself to be played? After the caller spoke, Cassie nonchalantly says in so many words that she doesn't care. Then the caller says; “You need to care, because we don’t remember you!”

Ya'll know I'm a fan of Cassie and i support anyone who can get up and sing, dance, rap whatever. Especially since there are people out here who have GREAT talents who won't do it. Cassie is a very pretty girl, she can dance, and she's a studio singer and for me that's good because I've never cared to hear her outside of the radio. But CASSIE, girl you need to start speaking up for yourself. People will only treat you how you let them!

Click to hear interview

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