Chris Brown Loses Bid To Delay Hearing

Chris Brown lost a bid to delay a preliminary hearing in his assault case against Rihanna. If you guys remember Chris's lawyer filed an appeal earlier this month to try to delay the R&B singer's preliminary hearing,which is now scheduled for June 22.

If you guys remember the same judge denied Chris's bid in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg last month. Schnegg will decide at the preliminary hearing later this month whether there is enough evidence to continue the case against Brown. Rihanna could be called as a witness during that hearing.

IN OTHER CHRIS RELATED NEWS: Some new girl group has took it upon themselves to remake Soulja Boy "Kiss me Threw the Phone" However they have a line where their telling the guy because he will not answer..“I’m about to go Chris Brown on you…” (F*cking comedy) Click here to see Video

*Yami who is Chris Ex and Teyana Taylor's BFF has taken it upon herself to speak on the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna situation.. (Yawn..Right) She and her 12 year old sister! And where are their parents, all the language for kids. All i can say is "Silly Kids, Tricks are For rabbits.." Refuse to put up the video!

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