Columbus Short Has An Album On The Way

So i just got wind that Columbus Short has been getting offers from record labels for his debut release, of R&B and pop songs. Short recently told BV Buzz, "Am I the world's best singer? No! But is my music going to feel good? Yes! And that's why I do it to make 'em feel good." Columbus will still act being that he just earned a Young Hollywood Award for 'Young Hollywood Action Stars as well as a NAACP Image Awards for 'Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture' for his role in 'Cadillac Records.' Columbus has several upcoming films 'Whiteout,' 'Armored' and 'Death at a Funeral.

I don't know how i feel about this, I need to hear what he sounds like. The only person to successfully pull this off is Jamie Foxx.. we shall see.

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