Nivea Has Words For Shanell, Wayne's Other Woman!

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"Wanting everyone to know that Shanell (the background slut that sings with lil Wayne) is a piece of trash and not to be respected! she smiled in my face all whi –Via Randy Watson Myspace (Nivea’s alter ego)

Nivea didn't finish her sentence but we all know what she wanted to say... For those of you that don't know Shanell AKA SNL is the sister of D Woods, an established songwriter, background singer and she was recently signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Records. Apparently Nivea found out about their secret affair and she's not having it! Nivea is rumored to be pregnant by Wayne as well as engaged to be married. Wayne is also rumored to have a baby on the way with Laura London, who he's also been messing with back and forth for some time. Ya'll know i love Nivea and Shanell and i are cool. Shanell is a great person and so is Nivea, I just hope this doesn't get really ugly! Over a man! I'm really just hoping Nivea isn't getting upset with the ladies because the man is just as responsible. I've always thought Nivea was a pretty girl and smart as well. From some of the stories I've heard of Wayne and women i just hope she see's what it really is.
If you want to learn a little more about Shanell she recently was interviewed by HONEY Magazine. She spoke about her new label,Wayne and more. To check out the interview click here!

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