AUTUMNJONES Weighs In ON Gabrielle Union Suing blogger to Make a Point!

So i just happen to be on the net and i came a across this video of Gabby Union being interviewed by Jaime Foster Brown of Sister2sister Magazine. I've been hearing about this whole thing but really didn't care to indulge, that is until i listened to Gabby's argument as to why she's suing

To make a loooonnng story short; Bossip published a letter they received from a woman who claims Gabby was a home wrecker and sleeps with other peoples husbands, bluh, bluh, bluh. So Gabby is suing to prove to bloggers that they can not publish just anything or say whatever they want. "I'm a black actress, i may go broke doing this," she says. My thought is, if you may go broke why are you suing someone who's probably already broke? So that y'all can be broke together? Honestly, I love Gabrielle Union however i think to sue someone for something that you obviously know they didn't have access to check up on, is a little pathetic. If that's the case you have to sue other blogs, then honey you will lose because i have read some things about you, that have pissed even me off!!

Yes, AUTUMNJONES, is one of the few blogs that can prove the things on it. I've never been here to hurt or defamed any ones character. However if you do something stupid, i will have my own opinion but I'm entitled to do so. I understand you want to send a message to bloggers that they can't say whatever they want about you. LOOK AROUND, No one else really cares. Why? Because some battles aren't worth fighting and you have done nothing but help promote more traffic to that blog. However in the midst of that you have made yourself look as though you have something to hide. I don't know, but my momma always told me if it ain't true, move on! But wait...WHY is the letter being compared to the Unabomber? That goes to show the cause is pointless. And why is it all of a sudden us "black people" need to stick together? *i hate when people pull those cards* I've always looks at Gabrielle as a beautiful, classy, intelligent woman.I'm just not really understanding the situation, you should be suing the actual person who wrote the letter, since you know who it is. I feel like when you reach a certain age you no longer have to prove to anyone that you are who 1 out 10 people say you are. Why?, because who you really are will always prove them wrong. That is if you are who they say you are not. So now your left to try and prove that the blogger had a bad intent when he/she posted the letter. Which is going to be extremely hard to prove only because he/she didn't write it, they only posted it! So their intent could have been just to get the persons voice heard. With no intent to hurt you. Its life have some coffee, two donuts and say F*ck it!

it's a pointless battle! We've all had our names ran threw the dirt at some point in our lives.. "We've all been talked about by better!"(the anthem for 2009)

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