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Antonio Dye is the groundbreaking Artist that stands alone in a sea of clones. Hailing from Atlanta,Ga With a voice that is moving as well as entertaining, and songs that people can connect and relate to, Antonio Dye is a breath of fresh air in a stale marketplace. This young phenom combines the electricity of R&B with the versatility of modern day pop to create an explosive listening experience that is unique and refreshing to listeners. While many artist out today focus on the same over saturated subject matter, Antonio meets listeners where they are with songs that mean something to people today and forever.


Q: Where are you originally from and how has it inspired your music?
Antonio Dye: I am originally from Atlanta, one of the few artists actually born and raised here. It's like Atlanta (Post it's migration period) has become over saturated by individuals with musical aspirations, but being brought up here has definitely inspired my music. It's something about our southern hospitality and culture that became the breeding ground for leaders in the industry.

Q:How long have you been singing and when did you realize it was you calling?
Antonio Dye: If you ask my family they will tell you I've been singing since the age of two banging on pots and pans wityh my great grandfather. During my pre-teen years I was more focused on drawing. In middle school I realized my vocal ability and began participating in school plays, chorus competitions, and talent shows. It wasn't until my eleventh grade year when I really started to cultivate my talent. My senior year while participating in the Gospel Choir I was given the opportunity to sing the National Anthem during an MLK day assembly. The response form the staff and my peers was astounding I became instantly motivated to make singing my profession. With the encouragement of my family I began to develop my skills in songwriting and vocal arrangement. I had a vision just before graduation that ensured me the success I aspired to obtain as long as I worked hard and never gave up no matter what my time would come and I believe that time is quickly approaching.

Q: Who inspired you musically?
Antonio Dye: Growing up I was raised on artists like; Shirley Ceaser, Fred Hammond, Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson and a host of other artists who's songs made sense and meant so much to their listeners. My family never had much financially and I used to observe how the music they listened to helped them through those tough times. That being said I can't really say I had one influential person or artist like most, but it was the way people reacted to music and how a song could promote a feeling of happiness or sadness that inspired me to sing, write, and perform. I love making people happy taking them to that place in their life where everything is okay no matter what the situation is, or even the acknowledgement that someone else is or has gone through the same things in life.

Q: Most musicians parents are very musically inclined. Did they play a part in your love for music?
Antonio Dye: LOL that's funny because both of my parents claim to be the provider of talent lol, but I've never seen either of them really being into performing or entertaining so I consider it a true gift. My parents do however have a great love for music which played a very big part in my career. They are very supportive as well.

Q: How do you feel about the music business these days, because it's changed to no longer really focus on the talent?
Antonio Dye: It's so unfortunate that the music business is now more about the money rather than talent. Being one who respects those with real and natural talent I can't help but get upset sometimes at what's being produced. I actually stopped listening to the radio about a year ago. I feel people have begun to catch on hence the decline in record sales (REALLY!) People are longing for those real feelings in music again and I plan to be apart of that re-introduction of talented artists.

Q: What is the biggest thing you want to accomplish? Both musically and personally?
Antonio Dye: The biggest thing I want to accomplish is bringing back emotion and feeling in records. I want to establish myself for my quality both on records and on stage. My passion is music and sparking those feelings deep within my listeners core. Nothing is more satisfying than the smile on their faces. They become so involved with the songs and lyrics and that's what I love. In my personal life I have the same dream I feel when something is your passion it's a part of your entire being not just what you do for a living. I also want to be an inspiration to others who have goals and dreams. It has been and still is a long road, but with dedication and perseverance I can make it and show others how to do so as well. I pray that through my success others will be motivated to accomplish things they never thought possible during their lifetimes.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Antonio Dye: LOL in ten years I see myself as an Icon someone who is appreciated for his quality and values. Some people aspire to be superstars for the fame and fortune I understand and accept the fact that status comes along with the territory, and if I aspire to change peoples lives for the better I will be great.

Q: Are there any upcoming shows or any information you want readers to know?
Antonio Dye: As of right now I am in the studio working hard to bring nothing but the best to all my supporters. I will say however I love keeping in touch with my supporters so they can find me on Myspace,Twitter and facebook. On those sites they can find updates on what I'm doing and future events I will be participating in.

You can Check out Antonio on Myspace, YouTube and Twitter

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