What was the first movie or show you watched that made you say I wanna do that?
I honestly cant remember the first movie i saw that made me feel like i wanted to act, but my first favorite movies were Michael Jackson Moonwalker and Steel Magnolias.

How long have you been acting?
Ive been acting all my life, and i really didn't realize it. But i have been seriously acting for about 2 years now.

Your from Detroit and a lot of great talent has come out of there.How has that inspired you even more?
It's inspirational to me because it motivates me to want to keep the legacy of Detroit's talent alive. And I think most people associate talented Detroiters with music and not necessarily movies or acting. Another reason it inspires me is because these days most people don't think of anything positive when they think of Detroit, so I want to be that little ray of sunshine that the rest of the world sees from my city.

Who is Beliria Sims? What do you want people to take from you as an Actress?
WOW! that first part is a really complex question. LOL! I Let me try to make that as simple as possible, let's see... Okay! Beliria is a young woman with a lot of love in her heart and she just wants to share it with her friends, family, and the world. OMG i sound so "we are the world" but it's the truth. She's very compassionate, understanding, and SILLY! At the end of the day, all I want is complete and total happiness. (2)As an actress, I want people to be affected by my work. I want to tell stories that change people's lives, that encourage them, and inspire them. I don't want people to see my work and say "look at Beliria go!". I want them to see my work and say "OMG, I cant believe Samantha did that" or " why won't Robin just stand up for herself?" I want people to empathize and feel for or with the character I'm portraying.

Who are some people that you'd like to work with?
I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE love love to play Angela Bassett's daughter in something. I would also love to work with Kelsey Grammar and Mara Brock Akil, I think they make an amazing team. I would also love to work with Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning, Danny Boyle, Denzel (doesn't need a last name) Washington, Brian Barber, and Will Smith, just name ... a little more than a few. Of Course there are countless more people that I'd love to work with, but those are just a few.

What about acting draws you in? But what also turns you off?
I think what draws me in every time is my personal growth and the opportunity to touch people, and knowing that there's nothing else in the world I'd rather do. What turns me off about acting are dealing with the "extra hollywood" people. Don't get me wrong, I love people, but i like for them to be exactly who they are. I like people to treat the PA like their the director and vice versa. I'm not a respecter of persons so it's a turn off when other people are.

How do you feel about Athletes and musicians who become actors and actresses? Especially when they haven't gotten training?
I personally am not mad at them for doing it. I think when you're hot, you need to milk it and milk it dry. Plus I'm not the hater type, so if someone wants to pay an them for it... so be it. I feel like it's not going to effect me, because what God has for me is for me and there's nothing any singer or athlete or anyone else for that matter can do to interrupt what God has planned for my success. I do think however, that if they're gonna do it without any training, they should hire a personal acting coach to be on set with them to work with them scene by scene.

What are you currently working on at this time?
Right now, I'm working on a play called Pass It Down written by Sideeqah Perryman, and directed by Bianca Houston. Its a really wonderful story about four generations of women. It's encouraging and enlightening as well. I have a few other projects that I'm discussing with a few people as well.

What is you ultimate goal or dream as an actress?
Ultimately I want to use what I am blessed with to become a philanthropist. I just feel like there is so much work to be done for so many different types of people around the world, and I want to put my hand out.

Who are some of the people that you have already worked with?
I have worked with The style Network, Tom McLoughlin, ABC, Dwayne Boyd, LaurieAnn Gibson, Nevaina Rhodes, Charles Saunders, and Robert Townsend so far. But I know I still have a boat load more people to work with.

Where do you see your self at in ten years? Where do you see your career?
In ten years I see my career established and growing. Maybe a few self esteem boosting programs for kids and women established, my child(ren) with the on set nanny while I'm working... I don't know it's hard to say. I guess that's just what I can hope for, but I know that God can do way more than what I could ever imagine.

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K. Pratt said…
I love to see young aspiring artist doing their thing. A dear friend of mine told me about this article so i thought I'd take a peek at the blogs, this is great stuff. Ms.Beliria is doing her thing and i look forward to working with her in the NEAR future.
Anonymous said…
I really believe Beliria will go far. She has her beliefs & talent to take her far. Keep it up lady!

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