Your brother introduced you to the lyrical aspect of music. But what other artist have inspired your musical talents? There are definitely a few artists that have played a major role in the gift of my lyricism such as, Jay-z, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Kayne West and a few others. All of these artists have their own characteristics which make up very important components of my artistry. From the lyrics, to the delivery, to the concepts and the approach of attacking a song. I find something in each of their personalities and careers that are very important in my becoming a successful artist.

You're from Boston which sparked a lot of your drive for music. You traveled so many places including Russia recently. Have your travels helped evolve your music? How?
BOSTON! I love my city because even in arenas like sports, we're usually the underdogs. People think there is no music scene in Boston, or that the only talent that came from the city was New Edition or New Kids On The Block. Truthfully, there is so much undiscovered, raw, edgy talent in Boston, that people would be amazed if they came here. So I guess the city helped ignite my passion for music in a sense to prove people wrong. On the other hand, living outside of my hometown was good for a lot of reasons because it opened me up to different lifestyles and ways of thinking. For example, being American, we maneuver through life with a specific mindset because that's what we are trained to do. That is the same way it is over in Russia, only it would be different to you and I if we've never had the experience of a Russian. But now that I've been there, lived there, slept there, ate there, I have an understanding of their culture and can appreciate other cultures and walks of life. That not only plays a HUGE role in evolving my music, but how can I consider myself "international" if I've never had any other experiences outside of America? I couldn't.

Who is Show and what do you want people to take from both the artist and the person?
Show is a "show" in itself. But Roy controls the "Show". That's what keeps my head leveled and keeps me away from the cockiness. I just want the people to know that I do this for the love of music. My motto is "MUSIC IS THE KEY TO YOUR SOUL!".

Being a producer and writer, how important is it to you how your music is presented to the world?
I've always lived by, your first impression is your last. So with me being a producer, engineer, lyricist, writer and musician, I can control the outcome of what I present to the world. I don't have ghostwriters or other producers making my tracks. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But just to have creative control of my music is special in itself. I want my music to reflect my character, so just like a job interview, I always want to put my best foot forward. But it's hard to do that if someone else is always filling your shoes.

When did you realize that music was your calling?
As soon as I could talk! (laughs). But really, I think it was when I got to high school. I attended the Boston Arts Academy as a music major. That was cool, but I think I actually felt my calling when I had to audition to get into the school. I had no formal or classical training, and I was going up against people who had played with Yoyo Ma and other greats like that. It wasn't easy, but I did what I had to do because it's what I wanted to do. So when I got in off of nothing but hard work and my will to play music, I know this might sound corny, but I knew I could do anything I put my mind to.

You recently started your own production company,"Standing Ovation Entertainment." How important is it to you to own your own company?
It is extremely important to me for a few reasons. There's more of an appreciation when you own something and produce from it as opposed to if you don't have ownership. You do it for and sometimes by yourself. From constructing your business plan, to organizing your team, to keeping a schedule and making financial decisions. In this business it's especially important because so many people do things for the "love" of music and never realize that they are being used because they are just so happy to "make" it. Being a great artist doesn't mean that you have to be blind to what you are entitled to. Having my own company helps me to avoid some of those mistakes because I know what to look for. And then it makes me feel proud when everything comes together. I love that feeling! (laughs).

You don't curse in your music. What was the motivation behind that?
My mom!! (laughs). Also, I'm a Christian and I have somewhat of an extensive vocabulary. Why do I need to curse when I know 10 other words that I can use in place of and still make my rhymes sound better than the next rapper? It's just not necessary.

You've done a lot of production for a number of people. How do you separate your style from theirs in order to make good music?
I think my style is a lot of the why a lot of people come to me as a producer, period. They know they can get a track that won't sound like another artist's, but they can still have a mainstream feel for their song. And I listen. Sometimes producers have a "vision" for a song and never let the artist collaborate or let their ideas come through. So I although I do my thing, I definitely have to make sure my energy accompanies their style.

Where did the name Show come from? And how do you live up to the title "Hip Hop Savior"? You know what, it's a funny story (laughs). Back when I was younger, like I said before, I looked up to my brother. He had this rap group and they would always come over to our house to practice and have writing sessions and stuff. So, one day one of his partners left their lyrics on the kitchen table and I grabbed it and claimed it as my own! (laughs). In one of the verses it said, "YOU CANT MESS WITH THE SHOW STOPPAH", and I said, "Oh snap, that's a crazy name!". So, that's what I called myself, "SHOW STOPPAH". Through the years, it's been changed to Show, Stoppah, CEOshow, etc. But since I've matured and traveled the world, I go by the name International Show, because my mind and music are on an international level now. If you want to know how I live up to the title of the "Hip Hop Savior", you would have to attend an actual show (laughs).

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Starting a family. Maybe 1 or 2 kids. I see my company Standing Ovation being successful, and for me to still be doing what I love, music, whether I'm an artist or producing. I want to have established myself as a very smart business man who makes power moves with my financial blessings. I also want to bring and expose entertainers and agencies to Boston that have never been heard of before, and give them a chance to express what they offer to the world of music.

What else do you want people to know about Show?
That I put my God first and music comes right after. I will travel the whole world if music is calling because that's what I was created to. I have a mixCD out right now for download called "Now That's What I Call A Remix", my single is about hit the airwaves, and my debut CD will drop in the Fall. I'm always learning and open to new things. I'm very diverse musically, so don't just expect a hip-hop sound from me or the people I work with. Also, that I'm very interactive. If you "follow" me on any of my networks, I will take the time and respond to you. Lastly, I don't believe in "fans". I have supporters. I call them supporters because they hold me up when I can't stand, and stand behind me in every move and decision that I make. So, to my supporters, I LOVE YOU ALL!
International Show links:
Summer 2009 MixCD "Now That's What I Call A Remix"


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