Beyonce sued by Abercrombie & Fitch over fragrance

My Favorite store...Abercrombie & Fitch, is suing Beyonce and trying to stop the singer from launching a new line of fragrances. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday and the company claims a fragrance under the singer's "Sasha Fierce" label "poses a likelihood of confusion" with the retailer's own "Fierce" brand.They also feel that such confusion could deprive it of control over a trademark it has used since 2002, and perhaps cost it sales. The lawsuit seeks to halt potential trademark infringement, unfair competition and deceptive trade practices.

But on Wednesday, Coty executives said they do not intend to name the fragrance after Beyonce's alter-ego -- Sasha Fierce -- and hence it would pose no threat to Abercrombie's product.[source]


Sheena said…
his chick gets sued every week!

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