AUTUMNJONES Wants You To MEET: MobileInkk

What made you become an Artist?
I wasnt getting satisfaction from my job, so I had a talent all my life and I decided to use. So I went for it.

Where are you from? How does that play apart?
I'm from a little bit of every where because I moved around a lot. I learned something from each place I been in.` Can you tell you tell us a little more about your drawings?A lot of my drawings are about the way I feel, you're always different mood.

Your skills seem to be very aware of the history of drawing.Have you ever studied drawing?
Never studied drawing but I was told when I was 2 or 3, I would draw in my mother's books, when she notice, she started to buy me paper and I've been drawing ever since.

Are their any artist that inspire you?
I look at other people crafts,no one in particular but I do look and study other people work and see where I can improve as an artist

What are some of your other interest?
Outside of drawing.I enjoy fashion particularly men suits, i also collect model cars and put them together, make picture frames, an everything arts and crafts.
What is the inspiration behind most of your drawings? How do you stay motivated?
What pushes me is when I know people enjoy my work.

Have you placed any of your work in art galleries? Or did a showcase?
That would be great.No, but its on my list of things to do

Do you ever second guess your talent?
Not often, only because I'm a perfectionist..if its not turning out well I would throw it a way and start over

What fulfillment or benefits do you get out of drawing?
The thrill of imaging something and bringing it to life, to see if the end result is what I envisioned.

What type of art do you do? Materials?
I draw a lot of portraits (freehand), but people also ask me to do airbrush shoes, bikes, t-shirts, and other stuff. I use Acid-free paper, pil pastels, oil paint, airbrush, markers, and anything else that will make the picture look great.

What other art do you plan on getting into?

I plan on getting into Oil Paintings on canvas and other art.

How many pics in your portfolio?
Over 75 pieces to date

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I have a lot of dreams. I would love to open arts and craft stores, children art centers, own a suit line, restaurant and salon.

To Check out More of MOBILEINKK's Work Click HERE


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