Books: "Kill Your Friends" By John Niven

Now, i know your thinking WTF?? The titled..I know however this book is so good, I had to share. The book is about a morally bankrupt 27-year-old by the name of Steven Stelfox. He's an music A&R who has the mouth of a sailor, who is an alcoholic and a coke head through his entire music career. It gets to a point where everything that inspired him in the beginning to embark on this career, he absolutely hates! Without telling you the book a lot takes place and he is left to try and find his next big thing, just to get money to prolong his habits and ventures. It's a great read but i will say this; if your not into humor that involves everything from blood to semen, or that is racist and misogynistic. This may not be the book for you!



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