All White Step Team Winning The Sprite Step Off Championship has Now Come down To Racism!

Well if most of you didnt know an all white step team, Zeta Tau Alpha won the Step off originally. However Black sorors complained to MTV and Coca Cola that the crew chosen to win, only won because the young ladies were more in line with MTV's targeted demographics (WHITE America). As well as rumors saying that the decision had already been made about the winner before the competition had even began. So (im assuming) to quiet down the noise, so they thought, Coca-Cola overturned the judge’s decision to announce that due to a "scoring discrepancy" in the sorority results, the second place winners, the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. from Indiana University, would be recognized as co-winners and awarded the same $100,000 prize as Zeta Tau Alpha.

You know what, i actually watched footage of several of the acts and i must say that Zeta Tau Alpha were the BEST step team! White or Black, they killed the competition. Funny because half of the teams hardly did any stepping it was mostly dancing. Personally, MTV and Coca Cola should have stood by their choice because it leads people to believe maybe race was the case. Which i find hardly true! EVERYTHING ISN'T BLACK AND WHITE!! i saw with my own eyes and clear as day that Zeta Tau Alpha was one of few teams that actually stayed true to the origins of Stepping!

With that said, there is now a lot of controversy going on RACE RELATED! People white and black are upset and it has been coming down to almost fighting in areas of Atlanta. Which to me (a Black woman) I find to be plain ole STUPID. This is a case of soar losers who found a way to say something wasn't fair, to get what they want! GTFOH


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