Artist Spotlight: Chantae Cann

I had to post Chantae Cann, her voice is amazing! She actually sings background for India Arie and is currently working on her own music. I was introduced to her a few years back while she perform with another spotlighted group Jaspect! Chanate's has a beautiful spirit around her that makes me even more excited to showcase her talent.

(India Arie "God is Real" With Chantae Cann)

(Chantae Cann sings with PJ Morton)
For more info on Chantae Cann check out her official Website, Facebook, Youtube & Myspace


GerraeLove said…
Love Love LOVE her too.... beautiful voice. so refreshing and light... can't wait for an album.

Check this out if you haven't already done so. :)
Anonymous said…
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