Artist Spotlight: Korean Female Rapper Tasha

I don't know what the HELL she is saying but i love her style. She is according to several reportedly considered the best rapper in Korean. I must say, even without understanding a word, her flow is on point. Tasha, Yoon Mi Rae, (윤미래), however you want to say it, is American born singer and rapper. Her father is African American and her mother is Korean. She is one of the leading female hiphop/R&B/Soul singers in Korea. Known as Queen of Soul in Korean's music industry, she is also the ambassador/spokeswoman for DaMoonWha(Muti-Cultural Youth Organization). She, speaks Korean and English fluently and she is one of the most influential artist in Korea.

The above song is called "Black Happiness" the song was written by Tasha because once her family relocated to Korea, she endured a lot of racial prejudice. A lot of it because her skin was darker than most Koreans.

For more info on Tasha check out her official website (hopefully your computer is like mine and has a translator)


Keisha said…
love it... when i was 15 my mom tried to move us to taiwan so i threatened to leave home. i didnt want to endure the racism. now i look back and though it would have been tough it would have been quite an experience to have spent my teenage years abroad.
Anonymous said…
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