Artist Spotlight: Mateo

I was emailed Mateo's mixtape "Underneath the Sky" awhile ago and i never really listened to it. So as I'm preparing to relocate to San Francisco, i came across it in my HUGE album collection. I popped it in and i must say it was not what i expected. Really i dont know what i was expecting maybe a more popped up musician. However when i listen to his music its more of a R&B/Pop/Alternative/Soul type feel. I really enjoy his lyricism, more than anything. But then again of course he would have some genius in music especially after attending Morehouse College in Atlanta, with degrees in music and marketing, If having the education behind it wasn't enough Mateo's father is guitar player Roy Gartrell, MATEO’s grandmother is vocalist Kitty Gartrell and his grandfather, Freddy Jordan, who played guitar on Charles Brown’s classic “Home for Christmas,” and who has also played for James Brown.

Get To Know Me (Live at Swing House)

For more info on Mateo and to download his mixtapes check out his official website, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter


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