Artist Spotlight: Ro Spit

I am pretty sure that you have seen Ro Spit on here several times already, just doing a little promo for him. However, i wanted to actually spotlight his talent. Roland Coit, known to many as "Ro Spit" actually got into the music scene by first deejaying parties across the Metro Detroit area. Amidst his deejay sets, Coit wrote rhymes as well, eventually leading to him being in a group and opening for national acts including The Clipse, Wale, and Talib Kweli. As well as performing with seasoned veterans such as DJ Premier and Slum Village. Ro Spit is slowly becoming a house hold name thanks to his most current release The OH S#!T Project.

For more on Ro Spit, check out his official Website, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter & Facebook


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