Are you a single, committed, widowed, or engaged Christian woman with a story?Do you want to share what you have learned as a single woman with other women?Do you have a desire to become published?Would you like to see it happen THIS year?

Neely Terrell, author of DUMPED AND DELIVERED: SEEDS TO UPLIFT THE BROKENHEARTED, SINGLE, AND COMMITTED, is compiling a book for single women entitled, SUPER SINGLES, ACTIVATE! COLLECTED WORKS. “Super singles” are women who have superior qualities, stemmed directly from the power of God.

Every single woman has a story and if you have learned a new lesson and want to inspire other women to keep their heads up in their time of singlehood, you are strongly urged to contribute to this upcoming book.

As encouraged from a friend, Alexis Jones, Neely Terrell wants feature your writings in her next book! It is specifically for women who have been single and want to know what in the world is going on with their love lives as well as spiritual. This book will include chapters on personal experiences that will help the reader gain positivity, optimism, and wisdom. This book is meant to uplift, inspire, and refresh the single woman. It is intended to instill hope. Please read the following CAREFULLY...

This book will have CATEGORIES:- Free: You do not have a significant other- Coupled: You have a boyfriend- Engaged: You have a fiance- Widowed: You have lost your husband by death and have not remarried- Divorced: You are legally separated from your husband

QUALIFICATIONS:- Must be 18 years or older- Be a single Christian woman who believes that God is above all mankind and that His Son, Jesus Christ, is alive and real.- Possess boldness in the sharing the word of God

One article containing 500 to 700 words- Include testimony or wisdom from experience as a single- Add at least one scripture to accompany article- Include a 3-sentence bio of yourself (what you do, school you graduated from, hobbies, etc.)- Copy-paste article into the body of the email (NO ATTACHMENTS, PLEASE)- Include name and category in the email heading, i.e. Laura Henson- Engaged or Engaged-Laura Henson- Email submissions to

Your article will NOT be considered if all requirements are not fulfilled. Deadline is March 31st.

Writing tip:
Write ONE paragraph a day until you get to at least 500. Don't rush yourself. You have plenty of time.All writings will be reviewed, proofread, and edited by Neely Terrell. The book is expected to be complete by summer or fall. All serious writers will be contacted for further details
View the book trailer here


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