"4 minutes" Movie Review

4 Minutes is a romantic comedy that focuses around Terrance (Jason Sylvain) and Omar (Dwayne Boyd). Terrance is a school teacher who is housing his free loading ex wife (Arle Michel). He's doing so in order to be a better dad to his son, than his father (GregAlan Williiams) was to him. Omar is a proud womanizer, who believes speed dating would be a great way to continue feeding women what they want. In order to get sex. Omar eventually talks Terrance into the idea and for there the journey begins.

This movie is pure comedy! I swear I laughed my butt off. The characters and the conversation were so real that it was extremely refreshing. If you like romance, comedy or seeing good guys win.This is the film for you. The movie also stars comedy/actor Pierre and GregAlan Williiams. With cameos from Lil Duval, Ja'el Roberson and Bobby Valentino. If you get a chance please check this movie out!

4/5 (the camera quality at times wasn't good)


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