Janelle Monae covers Honey Magazine

Has the sound of your music changed significantly?
I wouldn’t say my music has changed significantly. I’ve always been a music lover of great albums: Stevie Wonder’s Music of Mind, Innervisions, to David Bowie. It’s always been in me to pull from these inspirations and to come up with something unique and to pull from myself. I just needed time to find that, and in terms of actually putting what was in my head and mind, to see that come to fruition is a beautiful moment. It was always in me. I just had to test the water, be safe, don’t jump in, put your feet in and see how cold the water is. Now it’s time to do back flips and handstands.
Describe the sound of the new album?
I like to think of my music as very trans-formative. If you listen to the album from the beginning to the end, you will be transformed. It’s an album that’s deals with self-realization as well. You start to realize things about yourself you didn’t know. One big emotional picture for the mind.

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