Beyonce Wants Victoria Beckham Designs for Concerts

According to London’s Mirror newspaper, Beyonce is impressed with Beckham’s latest collection and has contacted her to discuss a future collaboration. “Beyoncé is a big fan of Victoria’s work, and was given a couple of samples from the new collection – including some sunglasses which she has been wearing at any given opportunity," a source told the newspaper. “Victoria was flattered and has agreed, in principle, to suggest some designs.”

The source added: “While Beyoncé already has the sunnies and a few dresses, it is Victoria’s more elegant full-length designs that she particularly loves as they are a real departure from her usual glitzy stage costumes. This collaboration could be the start of something big.” (source)

Whats so amazing to me is that fact that Beyonce has a clothing line and i dont ever see her wearing her own ISH. That says a lot, let alone her sister Solo doesn't really wear all the Tina Kowles projects. But hay i think this will be a good look for Beyonce because Victoria's line is very elegant and mature and Beyonce is at that age where she needs to seek a new fashion sense. Im over she 'Soulful' outfits. I LOVE B, fashion wise she needs work!


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