Girl Group Tips From An Ex-Destiny's Child Member: Steer Clear of Multiple Knowles

Farrah recently sat down with Tracy Garraud of VIBE Mag and gave her spill on HOW TO MAINTAIN a successful girl group:

"Naturally, you’re going to look out for your family. There’s a lot of things I didn’t understand at 18 and there's a lot of things I knew, that [the girls] didn't understand. [Hiring family] gives a little favoritism. [In Destiny's Child] I felt like I was put aside… Matthew [Knowles] was our manager, then Tina [Knowles] did hair and styling, then our road manager was Beyonce’s cousin, then our assistant road manager was Beyonce’s other cousin, then we had an attorney that was Beyonce’s other cousin, and Solange that was traveling with us. Her whole family was on tour with them... If there was someone else I could’ve spoken to outside of the family, I think it would’ve been a lot better."

"If you’re getting in a [Destiny’s Child] type group, then that’s what you’re getting into. But if that wasn’t explained to you and there were some other things that could’ve been talked about like ‘How 'bout some people are able to sing this part’… you have to really understand what you're getting into and what your role is. As long as everyone understands that then you can do well, but if you don’t understand that it can be confusing. Then later on you prove yourself even more and if they’re good people they’ll say 'Hey, I know this wasn’t what we talked about, but you seem like you’re doing your thing and you can do this now.'

It was so crazy, because although Beyonce is who she is today, we were friends first and I was already doing my own thing. I already had a $650,000 house. I already had a Beamer and Benz. To be honest with you, my cars were better than theirs. That’s how I was meeting them. My man was a manager for K-Ci & Jojo, so we were well off, plus I was working three jobs on top of that, including modeling here and there. So I didn’t feel like the playing field was too much different. I’ve been doing this since I was 4-years-old. I was always the captain of my team, but I’ve also always been the new girl, being the military brat. When I got in the group I was happy. I wasn’t even thinking about [being the star]. I’m 18-years-old and I’m in Destiny’s Child! I’ve delt with bitches my whole life and I’ve never gotten paid for it. So you think I’m going to come in a group, get paid and have a problem? Oh no."

Lmao i just can't pure comedy! to read the rest about staying away from men, babies and Porn click here!


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