Style Hit Of The Week: Cassie

I have been trying to find a new style hit of the week for a minute now and i just couldn't get through all the rubbish. Well, looks like Cassie has taken the crown this time around. Ive been watching Cassie for a long time because she is absolutely one of the most stunning woman i've ever seen (no homo). I love that she does she own thing and she always appears to be so comfortable in her own skin and lane that her style nearly knocks me out each time i see her.
Cassie's style always seems to be very sweet, innocent, girlie and sexy all at the same time. She likes to mix in her tom-boy side with her girlie side and she makes it all look effortless. Cassie's style really reminds me of Rihanna. Not that she mimic Rihanna or anything but the fact that they both can put on just about anything and make it look good. EITHERWAY, naturally she stunts without hardly any work!


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