Halle May Be on To something by Paying Daddy to Be Daddy!

I know that most of you have heard the story of Halle paying her daughter's father to watch Nahla while Halle is in Africa filming a new film. Though i think its a real cute gesture, i do question WHAT THE HELL is GOINGS ON? Common sense (which isn't very common) would wonder why you'd pay the child's father to do his job? That's like my mom paying me for straight A's! That's your job! (i know reward good efforts) I understand Halle wants her daughter to be around her dad. Yet all sorts of questions run through my mind. But there is one in particular..Were you paying him to be the daddy and boyfriend when you were together? I know he's a "working" model, (GORGEOUS one at that) however i haven't seen much work since hes been with Halle. Hes basically just been her boy toy. Which also means bringing him to Africa should be a nice enough gesture. I'm so sure he's excited because its a win, win for him. Maybe Halle figured if he wants to see his little girl then, "I'll pay you, so that you wont think there is any funny business going on. Or so you wont feel that I'm cutting into your money." Yet at the same time, I CANT understand. He hasn't been working as far as my eyes can see, besides he's street shots hanging with the family on the corner and at the beach. I'm now feeling Gab a little less because that's some serious pimping on Halle's part. MAN UP Gabriel! Maybe its all in her plan to allow him to see his little girl and get paid because word on the street is that he wants full custody. Apparently he doesn't get to see her as much as he'd like because hes "working." (that word is so over used) I just don't see why he couldn't watch her in LA without Halle around? You know Daddy/Daughter time. Is there something deeper going on? Who knows but, then again Halle could be on to something; If we paid men to be fathers maybe they'd be around. A lot of mothers are only around for checks, so why not?!.. *shrugs* Halle is such a trailblazer.



Anonymous said…
LOL, What the hell?

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