My Journey Told To Green Day "21 Guns," Kierra Sheard "Praise Him Now" & Donny Hathaway "Giving up"

My computer is in the sh*ts so i come to the library everyday to realize I'm not allowed to save pictures or do post. I can only embed videos. Thanks to the library, I decided that i would tell my journey of the past few months and more through words and songs! Ahhh...Where do i began? I don't know if i stated this before but I've relocated to San Francisco, never once expecting this to be easy. Ive been staying with someone who i shared a mutual interest with (her words not mine) and her mother (who i have the utmost respect for, she has been good to me). I have been on a ZILLION interviews where i have been told A)Your resume is amazing B)We're currently having a job freeze C) We'll be contacting you and D) Your over qualified (McDonalds). That's been the repeat cycle since I got here in March. I did however get a Sunday only gig paying 15/hr as a Production Assistant for the SternGrove Festival. I must say it has been a wonderful experience because i know God worked it out in my favor. I recently was informed that everyone receiving unemployment benefits have been cut off until things have been figured out! Funny how all these citizens that have been busting their asses for this country are considered 'unworthy' of support from a certain group of people who have probably have never been "without chairs or tables" in their life. lol Either way, its now July and i have 30 days minus 5 to vacate the premises of the house where Ive been staying. I was extremely upset inside and i wanted to burn some ISH up due to the nature of how things have panned out with the person i share a 'mutual interest' with in the months. However at the same time, i wasn't surprised or moved. I gave it to GOD and graciously announced that "Elephants don't swat flies" (R.Kelly) and really i don't have the time to indulge in non-sense. I'm at a point in my life where Ive learned how to win just by giving it to God and continuing on with life. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, it will all show face when need be. So of course with that said NOTHING WILL STOP MY STRIDE! I came to San Francisco for a new experience, to start graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy, access to the publishing industry and because something in me kept making San Francisco my best option over others. Mind you, i moved here knowing all of really three people, no family and hardly a clue of the city (besides my one visit a few years ago) In the four months time that i have been here, Ive caught every bus on the line to explore the city, seen sights and things that people who have been here their whole life haven't taken advantage of seeing and i have met so far some wonderful people. I have zero complaints. At the end of the day, I'm happy to be able to say that i actually took a chance on my life and my dream. Now that i am in the process of figuring out the next place to lay my head. A position Ive been seemingly close to before, I'm actually not very nervous. Especially since i have great FRIENDS in my life who keep me prayed up, who have offered any help that they can give and who keep me knowing that there is a reason GOD is showing me all of this. The person who seems to be nervous is my mom. I can hear it in her voice when she says, "what if you end up homeless? You really need to just come home, figure things out, then go back." And i reply, "well if that's God's plan it'll be. But i wont give up the fight to get where i know I'm destined." Not that me sleeping on the streets will happen. I just naturally always keep the worst in mind not because i lack faith but because I'M A REALIST and planning for the worst option is always the greatest cushion, in my eyes. I think though she hates that i could even make that an option she knows that her daughter is fighter and giving up is not something i do easily at all. At the same time she's PROUD of the person Ive become, the courage i poses and the faith that cant be broken. Life will pan itself out, as it always does and has in the past. Though the most has been taking course, its been working out GREAT creatively..I have finished my first book, which is being edited by a close friend. Ive also finished writing my second book and figuring out the story line and content for the third. Graduate school's two and a half year accelerated program is paid for all the way up to my last semester which gives me time to figure things out --So GOD is GREAT!! Trust me, I cant complain...

--Green Day, Kierra Sheard & Donny Hathaway were chosen songs because the lyrics express my feelings, thoughts, emotions and my mental process--

Stay Tuned...


shawna said…
Wow! I loved your 'small' journey so far.You live and learn peoples characters and Karma's a Bitch. Either way looks like its helping you creatively! Do your thing,can't wait for the first book to release. I'm a fan of the blog and I'm sure ill love the book.

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