Why is Whoopi Going So Hard For Mel Gibson?

I really want to understand why Whoopi is defending Mel Gibson? I understand he is your friend, but you don't know how people are in relationships or be hide close doors. People are different around different people. Your loyalty as a friend is great, but this isn't your fight. Just support your friend in need. Your upset because Radar online is the messenger of all these tapes but are you upset that your friend isn't who you thought he was? Clearly it is his voice, that cant be denied. Your passing judgement on the wife's character but are you being sympathetic to someone who is SUPPOSEDLY being abused? Just like everyone else you don't know the story of whats going on, So calm down. There is always three sides to a story His story, Her story and the Truth! It'll all come out in due time! Just calm down! Geesh..


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