Artist Spotlight: The Remnant

The Remnant is a Christian Hip-Hop group based in Atlanta. Current members of The Remnant include Just John, Adan Genesis, and Tribe 1. The Remnant started on the campus of Morehouse college in Atlanta. Apparently they just want to make the songs that you can listen to while you cash checks, give birth and grow facial hair. Not only have they performed at countless bars, festivals and clubs to the drunken applause of the self-deluded. They have also ministered at countless church services to the drunken applause of the self-righteous. The group has really been making a great name for themselves through various cities, so get to know they and enjoy. They have also performed with one of my favorites artist Kimberly Nichole. Their Dope, that's all i need to say!

For more on The Remnant check out their Myspace


Imade said…
I loved The Remnant's video so much I had to re-post it on my blog ( Thank you for sharing this refreshingly creative group!

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