AUTUMNJONES WANTS YOU TO MEET: Teia B Harris Owner of Love Publicity PR Boutique

You have a PR boutique called Love Publicity. Tell us a little about the company.
Love Publicity is a full service pr boutique that provides services for brands, small businesses, people and events.

What is a typical day for you?
On a typical day I have to keep a charger for my Blackberry and my laptop because these two objects are my digital best friends. Depending on the day depends on what I’m actually doing but it ranges from researching, press releases, pitching, writing proposals, campaigns, researching, event planning, press kits, media relations, and did I mention researching? (Laughs)

When did you say to yourself that you could make a career out of doing PR?
I genuinely love helping people. I want to see everyone successful and watch everyone’s dream come to life. In public relations you’re essentially promoting a favorable relationship between a company and/or person and the public. And If I believe in your dream, I believe I am more than capable of helping it come to fruition, that’s when I realized that this was the perfect career for me.

What is the purpose of a Public Relations person? And why are they important?
Public Relations equal the epitome of communication! It’s communicating your brand, image the way you would like it to be perceived. If you desire success and would like to get the word out about whatever you’re passionate about (your fashion line, music, nightclub etc…) I highly recommend that you set aside a budget for a pr professional and make sure they are equally as passionate for your brand as you are.

What inspired you to start your own PR boutique and what does it mean?
My company name says it all. I named my company Love Publicity combining the definition of each word it ultimately means that I have a deep, tender, ineffable, feeling of affection and solitude toward exposure for my clients. As I stated before my passion and desire to help started Love Publicity.

Who in the PR industry do you look up to as a role model or a guide?
PR is a lot more hard work and dedication than it is glamorous. On the outside looking in it may even seem easy but it’s really a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I really admire anyone who genuinely loves pr and really understands it. If they were able to execute a successful campaign I admire it because this field is over saturated and only the strong survives.

When and how did you first start to combine your experience with public relations and event planning?
All of my life I’ve enjoyed talking and helping and putting social gatherings together. The best part of pr, although hard work, you’re able to combine all of the above and come up with creative concepts and events for your clients! The day I started my major pr classes in college was the day I started to integrate the two.

What are some character traits or personality requirement for a successful PR career?
TONS! You must be a self-starter, very organized, dedicated, conscientious and responsible, energized, have thick skin and the list could go on and on. I recommend that you are willing to sacrifice a lot of free time and fun to work for your clients in order to be successful in this industry.

Who are some of the artist you've worked with and events that you been apart of?
I have been privileged to work with numerous people before and after I started Love Publicity. Just to name a few I’ve worked on a range of events with Brian Michael Cox, The New Boyz, Eric Roberson, Algebra as well as with brands such as El Jimador Tequila and Reebok and huge events such as the Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival in Miami.

Where do you see yourself in 10years?
Honestly, I plan on staying innovative and on top of the newest trends in pr, branding and event marketing as well as having a passionate staff that will be the best representative for my clients.

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