Style Hit of the Week: Kanye West

Now i usually don't do a style hit of the week on guys, but i must admit Kanye West has really been making a mark on my life. Which means he had to be my first (unfortunately in a blog kind of way) Joking... I heart, him in every way. His unapologetic attitude towards the pursuit of creative expression and fashion, goes beyond words. His confidence is beyond this world and his ability to artistically place pieces together that some wouldn't. Makes him fearless in a MANLY way. (LOL) Regardless of what anyone thinks or says Kanye doesn't attempt to prove his style to anyone. Gotta respect the beast in someone who, just doesn't give two sh-ts about what people think. Why? Because as Kanye and many others have proven in life. You can always change peoples mind. Kanye has on several occasions been named a style ICON and damn-it i don't really think that should be his title. More like the "Piacaso of men's pieces." Nah, i don't really know. But he's definitely left a mark that can't go unnoticed! Even before he opens his mouth. He's a genius far beyond musical, far beyond mental and he proving that its also far beyond fashion. He always looks effortless. I as usual put together some of his recent out and about shots. Noticeably, Ye definitely loves the color Grey. Either way, I don't know to many from the planet of mars, who would wear some of the items he tends to put together at times. - Stay Fly Ye!


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