Great Minds, Average Minds, Smalls Minds Whats all the Chatter?

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

There is a lot to be said about people who can't see how the smallest of conversation equals to the largest of problems or circumstances. Life has proven to me to be tricky yet easily controlled.That's if you want it to be. Through the years Ive come in contact with so many people who claim to want better, but dwell in their circumstances so often that it becomes a way of life. There are many reasons why but a lot of it has to do with our conversations with other people. More than often our conversations with these people reflect how we feel about ourselves subconsciously.

Personally gossiping isn't something that i par take in. Simply because its not of any concern of mine who has what, who's laying with who, or whatever else. Gossiping to me is a group of small minded competitors, in a rat race going nowhere. Not saying small minds can't be accomplished people. I'm just saying, smalls minds miss blessings because their focused on their current situations, other peoples faults and every thing but the right thing a little to often. By the favor of God I haven't ever felt competition from anyone but myself, so to have a conversation about things that are really miniature to life is a bore for me. Especially when it comes to knocking down other people, when i have zero knowledge or understanding of their circumstances. However, I do have and had people in my life that enjoy it very much so. With that said, Ive also realize that those same people and myself don't really share the same interest. We're more connect through experiences and personality rather than character. Don't worry, I'm working on removing those people out of my life. Not because "I'm to good" in anyway. But their not helpful for my spiritual feeding.

Which brings me to this. As people (not talking ethnicity) we need to observe how we're portraying ourselves and other people because at the end of the day, everything we do or say not only affects us. It has an effect on others. More importantly it affects our circumstances, our blessings and at times hinders our growth. In more than one way!! Successful people don't sit around and discuss other successful people. They don't sit around and discuss the events that have nothing to do with the process of progress. They discuss ideas, ways to make themselves and the people around them better. Its not just a woman thing, its a human thing. Because men talk too. Just know that everything we do has a consequence good or bad. It's your CHOICE to walk in the lifestyle your living and a lot of it stems from your thoughts (good or bad), your conversations (good or bad) and sometimes your deep resentment for who you are, who you are not and who you want to appear to be.

Be blessed and talk wisely!


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